Inge Van Zon

Founder & Managing Partner

INGE, founder and Managing Partner of Z&Z Consulting, is a qualified Actuary, Change Management Specialist, and qualified Executive Coach from INSEAD. Prior to establishing her own consulting firm, Inge worked in several management roles, in both consulting and investment banking in Europe and Asia

Inge has been recognised as one of the 100 most successful Dutch female entrepreneurs listed in ‘Next Women 100’, a list compiled by the Dutch Financial Times and the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Inge believes that the effectiveness of financial institutions can be increased through developing a mix of technical and soft skills and continuously cultivating staff, whilst understanding the changing landscape and regulatory requirements of financial institutions. Her passion to improve the effectiveness of people and organizations is the driving force behind her success, with change management as the central focus of her work.

Inge has been teaching permanent education and in-company programs for financial institutions for twenty years and has been coaching senior executives for ten years. Inge is a fellow of the Dutch Actuarial Institute (AAG). She holds an Executive Master degree in Consulting and Coaching for Change from INSEAD, an International MBA followed at the Kellogg, Nyenrode and Stellenbosch Business Schools, and Master of Science degrees in Actuarial Sciences and Financial Management and a minor in Working and Organisational Psychology, all at the University of Amsterdam.



Serge van Zon

Founder & Partner

SERGE, founder and Partner of Z&Z Consulting, has in-depth financial institutions knowledge and experience, having worked on change management, project management, risk management and compliance related projects for insurance companies and banks over the past eleven years. Prior to that he worked for Lehman Brothers in London and ING in the Netherlands in the areas of corporate finance, structured finance and debt capital markets.

Serge is also an experienced teacher and has given trainings in Europe and Asia. He is a regular speaker at seminars and conferences a.o. on the topics of ‘Opportunities for Growth, the Future lies in Asia’, ‘Enterprise Risk Management’ and ‘Understanding the Credit Crisis’. He notably shared his insights at Prudential’s seminar ‘Taking Risk Management to the Next Level’, on implementation of Enterprise Risk Management within the insurance industry.

Serge asserts that quality of work is strongly correlated with team spirit and cultural effectiveness. Having spent his life living across four different continents, he has vast experience working in an international environment. He excels at working alongside and managing different teams, ensuring cohesion through his effective communication skills and a broad understanding of differing cultures. With an attention to detail, Serge is a highly motivated individual, perfectly positioned to address all client concerns.

Serge holds an International MBA followed at Kellogg, Nyenrode and Stellenbosch Business Schools, and a Master of Science degree in Financial Economics from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.



Caroline Serre


Caroline accompanies individuals, teams and organisations in developing sustainable leadership. She works as an executive- and organisational coach, challenging individuals and teams to leave their comfort zone and courageously face new challenges. Co-creation and connection are central to this.

“True transition is not only accomplished thanks to visionary leaders. Collective focus, breaking through silo’s, creating connectivity with the (transition) team and appreciating and making most use of a team’s diversity; these are crucial criteria for realising sustainable change, achieving organisational success and building strong client partnerships. Discussions will often cover values, connection, courage, empathy and impact.”

Caroline studied Communication and Transformational Psychology. She is also schooled in the areas of Voice Dialogue, Systemic Work, Group Dynamics and Energy Management. In relation to change management, she followed Natural Changes and completed several Masterclasses on the topic of Transition Management. In addition, Caroline has experience in acting as facilitator for diversity and inclusion programmes as well as for complex corporate strategic trajectories.

Core activities: management-, executive- and organisational coaching, leadership in change, energy management, team development, outplacement, worklife balance top women, talent / management development programmes.



Kirstin Mills

Executive Assistant

Kirstin has been with Z&Z Consulting since 2013, supporting the Managing Partners and overseeing all the administrative functions in the office as the Executive Assistant.

Kirstin graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management & Tourism in Germany and has worked in several roles in Europe, Asia & Australia.